How to Report My SafeLink Phone Lost?

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Are you going to report my SafeLink phone lost? Nobody can imagine living without a phone, but unfortunately, some unexpected events may happen such as losing our phone, stealing our phone, or sometimes we have to give it away.

But the situation becomes worse for Safelink phone users because if they lose their phone, then they have to report it for replacement. After reporting the company will stop your stolen or lost phone to work and give you a new Safelink phone so that you can reconnect with the world.

Well, if you are wondering to know that how to report my SafeLink phone loss, don’t fret, through this post, you will learn everything about it in detail. So, let’s get started for further detail!

When Should You Replace Your Safelink Phone?

Well, if you have unfortunately stolen or damaged your phone, then you need to get a replacement device to stay connected with others and for the sake of using your Safelink services.

There are two basic situations to remember, such as when your phone got damaged and you still need a working Safelink SIM card and when your phone with the SIM card inside got stolen or lost.

Well, in the first case, when you still have your activated SIM card, here you need to use it with a compatible device. You just have to simply place your SIM card inside the compatible phone and turn your device on. After that, you can easily continue using your services.

But despite this, you must get in touch with Safelink support and request a replacement device. In the other condition, if the SIM card got stolen or lost with your Safelink phone, remember that now you have no other option than to call Safelink support.

Now you must have to explain your situation and ask them for a replacement SIM activation and phone. Aside from them, when the phone gets too old then it is better to replace it. In this situation, you just have to upgrade.

How to Report My SafeLink Phone Lost?

SafeLink is the largest provider, and after reporting, the support team decided they decided on the solution to this problem. Because the provider is not responsible for damage, stolen, or loss of your Safelink phone.

But still, the providers let the customers have one FREE replacement phone in case of stolen or lost. When you get distracted and drop or misplace your phone, then you have to report it first. Well, here is how to report my SafeLink phone lost.

  • You can call SafeLink support at 1-800-723-3546 and report about your phone. This service is open from Monday-Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Sunday from 8:00 am to 7 p.m.
  • You can also call om another Safelink support at 1-800-378-1684. It is Technical Support Hours which open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Simply call on it and report your issue.
  • However, you have to inform the support time about the last date of use of your lost or stolen phone. And provide a detailed description them where have lost it or how your phone got stolen.
  • After that, you have to provide the serial number or ESN found to activate the SIM in that phone to your mobile to the support team. But if you are not able to locate your activation card, then it is better to provide the cell phone number.
  • After providing the detailed info, you have to ask them for a new phone to use. Also, ask them to send a copy of the report to your email address. When the team emails you after the report, you have to Check your email address to ensure that you have received the email and a cell phone replacement confirmation number. Keep in your mind that, the replacement SafeLink mobile device is to be mailed within 3 to 10 days.

Basic Rules of Safelink Phone Replacement

You have to Call 1-800-723-3546 or 1-800-378-1684 as soon as possible when you have lost your phone or it has been stolen.

Every Safelink phone user may get only ONE free replacement phone. This offer is a refurbished device. When you can only get a FREE replacement phone because you have lost it. however, after that, you may get only 10 minutes of lost airtime, and all additional airtime that you have, then it will not be replaced.

All kinds of reports will deactivate your previous phone permanently. If you have lost it and after a while find it again, but now it does not work because you have reported it and your phone is deactivated permanently.

 due to section 13 of the SafeLink Wireless Terms and Conditions of Service, the Safelink Replacement policy will only apply for only to stolen or lost phones. If you have damaged your phone then you can not get a replacement phone.

How to Activate the Safelink Replacement Phone?

When you receive a replacement phone, then you have to activate Safelink phone. Well, Activating the replacement phone is not much different than the initial activation you have done for the first time.

However, the activation is only needed when you are also getting a new SIM card. If you have already a Safelink SIM cardand you have only received a replacement device, you just have to place the SIM card in this phone and start using it.

But in the case of, you reactivating your existing phone, then you simply have to text REACT to 611611. While, if you are going to activate the Safelink account for the first time, then you have to visit and follow the instructions to activate your phone.


Well, SafeLink is a leading Lifeline provider that offers millions of Safelink users throughout 38 states. It provides Lifeline FREE deals, free government phones, and also one FREE replacement phone.

But if your phone has been stolen or you have lost it, then you have to report it immediately. So that, the wrong hand could not misuse your phone. Plus, you can get a new phone. We have mentioned the simple ways to report my SafeLink phone lost. So, follow the instructions carefully to.

So that’s all you need to know about How to report my SafeLink phone lost. We hope this article helped you a lot!

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