[Steps 2023] How To Make Smooth Stones In Minecraft?

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Smooth stone is one of the building blocks in Minecraft that you can make. You cannot make smooth stones in Minecraft on a crafting table but you can make smooth stones with a furnace. No doubt, smooth stones are introduced in Minecraft for a very long time but the smooth stone was not always available as a building block for the players in Minecraft.

You can find different types of stone building blocks. Cobblestone is a very common type of stone in Minecraft, which you can find easily in the world of Minecraft. 

By following our step-by-step detailed guide you will learn how to make smooth stones on any Platform in Minecraft, as long as you have the required version of the game.

Available Platforms for Smooth stones in Minecraft

First of all, we talk about these platforms In Minecraft, where the smooth stone is available. These versions of Minecraft are given below:

  • Java Edition (Windows, Mac )
  •  Bedrock Edition (Xbox One,  Windows 10 PCs, Fire OS, Android,   Nintendo Switch)
  • Pocket Edition  (PE) yes (1.9.0)
  • Education Edition ( window 10 PC,s, IOs, Mac)

Required Materials to Make smooth stone

The player just needs the following simple items to make the smooth stone in Minecraft.

  •  Stone
  • Coal
  • Furnace

Easy Steps To make smooth stones in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the player gets to build and craft new things with the help of resources. There are many types of resources in Minecraft. Some resources need to be crafted, and some resources need to be found in the world of Minecraft.

The Smooth stone needs to be made in Minecraft. There are three items that you need to make the smooth stones in Minecraft.  These materials are Stone, Coal, and a Furnace.  Let’s get started with the step by step on how to get each one.

Step 1: Get Cobblestone

 Cobblestone is one of the most common types of stones that you can get at any time in the world of Minecraft.  The player can get it by using the pickaxe. You’ll need Cobblestone for a couple of things here. 

 The cobbler stone can be used in many ways in this process. The first use of this stone that you can use to craft a furnace. The second way, it’s the stone that you can use to refine into smooth stone.

Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft
Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Step 2: Get Coal

Coal is the second fairy thing and an important resource in Minecraft that, the player would need to find. The player needs the coal to get the furnace running. The player can find easily around the stone area. Coal is fairly common to find in Minecraft, the player can use the pickaxe on stones with black spots on them to get coal in Minecraft.

Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft
Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Step 3: Build the Furnace

Now the player needs to build a Furnace, the player can do it by using 8 Cobblestone blocks in the crafting menu and leaving the center block empty in Minecraft. There is one thing to remember every block should be filled except the middle block to build the Furnace.

Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft
Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Step 4: Use Furnace to Turn Cobblestone into Stone

Once the player has built the furnace, now the player is going to need something to put into it.  Undoubtedly, Coal is a great source of energy for the furnace, the player needs to put it into the bottom slot of the furnace, and then put the cobblestone in the top slot to turn into stone.

 When the player puts both items in the furnace, the flames start to burn and that means the Cobble stone is being turned into Stone.

Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft
Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Step 5: Use Furnace Again to Turn Stone into Smooth Stone

At the final part of this process, the player needs to fire up the furnace again to get Smooth Stone. Repeat the process, and place the coal in the bottom slot instead of the cobbler stone in this process. This process will convert the stone into Smooth Stone and provide the player with a new resource for the building and crafting in Minecraft.

Note:  The player can also collect the smooth stone in other ways:

Silk touch:  The player can obtain normal stones by mining stones with the pickaxe that can be enchanted with silk touch.

Villages:  the player can also find the smooth stones in some houses of various villages that can be located across your map in Minecraft.

Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft
Make Smooth Stones in Minecraft

How to make Smooth Stone Slabs?

If the player wants to make Smooth Stone Slabs, so the player just needs three smooth stone blocks to place on a crafting table in a row. That will give you six smooth stone slabs at the bottom of the boxes. This is a very easy process to craft smooth stone slabs. Simply, the player used 3 smooth stones, and get six smooth stone slabs.

What is Minecraft smooth stone used for?

There are two main uses of smooth stone in the world of Minecraft. The first use of smooth stone is to create a blast furnace in Minecraft. If we talk about the Blast Furnace so we can say that it is an upgraded furnace. It can be used in smelting the ores, and amour, and works to speed up the furnace.it can be used as a job block for villagers.

The second use is that the player can use the smooth stone in crafting the smooth stone slabs in the worlds of Minecraft. This is a decorative purpose use. It is very easy to craft. The player can use it to make wall sorts in Minecraft.


Congratulations! You’ve learned about the basic things of smooth stone. As we all know Smooth stone is a great building block for any kind of building such as modern, industrial, and futuristic builds. Actually, smooth stone does have not any uses, but it is commonly used in the building block. Hopefully, this useful guide helped you a lot in how to make smooth stones in Minecraft.

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