How to Make ASMR Videos with an iPhone?

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Do you want to make ASMR Videos with an iPhone? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it is a natural response from the human body that generates relaxation.

ASMR is a popular niche for finding a huge audience. ASMR videos are made to trigger this response in the viewers and make them relax. Through these videos, you can easily build an audience.

There is good news for you, guess what? Well, you don’t need to buy high-quality equipment, your iPhone is your power tool.  The question lingered on… how to Make ASMR Videos with an iPhone. So why not? You can easily Make ASMR Videos with an iPhone. So, let’s dive into detail!

Is it possible to record ASMR on an iPhone?

You can record ASMR videos on your iPhone or Android phone because both smartphones have a microphone and a camera, and that’s all you need to make videos. Even, there are a lot of viewers who enjoy the lo-fi quality of these recordings and prefer them to watch the fancier tracks and channels.

However, their closeness element lets them relax further. it can also be done with binaural audio but you need to get some accessories and have a little bit of knowledge on how to use a DAW properly. you will also need a lightning-to-USB adapter.

Well, if you want to learn how to make a great audio track for your ASMR channel with your phone and some tricks, so just follow the below-mentioned guide!

The Basics Of ASMR – Mic And Camera

let’s go through the required basics of what makes a good ASMR video. If you want to trigger your audience into a feeling of comfort and relaxation and you want to make a parallel reality for them to immerse themselves into, and forget about real-life issues. So, you have to keep things in mind about that

The Lows

You have to talk too close to your phone’s microphone. it will help you to increase the sense of closeness. You can also find the sweet spot in which it works for your tone, phone, and content. Mind that, ASMR is about relaxation and explosive vocal recording won’t do the trick.


Basically, Plosives are a little bit difficult sounds that you need a lot of air when performed with your mouth. It depends on the language that you speak but usually the letters P, and B.

To solve this issue you have to speak slightly outside the microphone at those times. In this way, the air excess won’t hit it directly.

If you are to use your iPhone, you need a nice tripod and a pair of headphones so your audience can clearly see you do your thing while also hearing you speak.

How to Make ASMR Videos with an iPhone

These easy steps are listed below that will help you to record ASMR videos on your iPhone

Step1.  Select the recording method on the iPhone

Basically, there is no ideal method for recording ASMR video with an iPhone. It depends on the priorities for your ASMR recording. It is better to make separate video footage for the video and a separate recording for the audio using a microphone.

you must need a grip on the image stability if you are moving your iPhone while recording ASMR video. Take a tripod and fix the iPhone to it.  

Step2.  Adjust the 4K video setting on iPhone

Well, the Resolution of the ASMR recording rates should be high. If you want to upload your ASMR recording to a YouTube channel, remember that YouTube supports the 4k video format and the HD resolution.

As iPhone also supports 4k video which makes it so simple to record your ASMR on the iPhone. In order to enable the 4k video settings, you just have to tap on the ‘camera’ option of your iPhone and then tap on the ‘record video’ option.

Simply select the camera settings as 120 frames per second at 1080p resolution.

Step3.  Adjust iPhone microphone

In order to record sounds you have to select between recording with an earphone or directly with the inbuilt microphone. but there should be a gap between your audio source and the microphone

Step4.  Select a video editing software suitable for iPhone

To edit your video, you must need editing software. As the ASMR needs to be pleasing to the eyes and ears for relaxation anywhere, anytime.  That’s why you must choose professional editing software. Otherwise, your efforts will spoil. We recommend you use FilmoraGo for editing your ASMR recording and give it a finishing touch.


Your ASMR videos are meant for relaxing someone who needs a stress break.  That’s why the video and audio output must be very pleasant. The resolution and stability of the video should be good.

You have to record your audio and your video footage separately. No need to buy expensive equipment, use with iPhone for this purpose. And finally, edit your video on professional software.

It is better to follow the above-mentioned guide for excellent results. So that’s all you need to know how to make ASMR videos with an iPhone. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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