How to install Xnspy on an iPhone?

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Do you want to install Xnspy on an iPhone? iPhone users can have either a jailbroken iOS device or a non-jailbroken one. This is the basic reason why many users find it so tricky to select the right iPhone spy to install on their iPhone.

Installing apps on iPhones is not easy for everyone, especially if the person is not too tech-oriented. Well, if you want to install Xnspy on an iPhone and you have no idea about it, worry not; through this post, you will learn how to install Xnspy on an iPhone.

You just have to follow the below-mentioned easy installation steps on your iPhone. Let’s get started for further detail!

What is the xnspy app?

XNSPY is cell phone monitoring software that lets parents monitor the activities of their children on their smartphones. This app also can monitor employees’ use of company-owned devices.

However, the app is compatible with both AndroidandiOS. XNSPY also comes with various features to monitor texts, emails, calls, locations, social media activities, photos, videos, and much more.

Furthermore, it provides web-based access to users so that they can easily check the activities of their target phone from any internet-connected device. 

Who uses XNSPY?

Catering to technology-intensive businesses with a remote work culture, most have enterprise-level smartphone monitoring. There are a plethora of these apps flooding the appstore.

However, not all apps offer the most-needed monitoring features at responsible prices with different flexible subscription packages, like XNSPY offers.

Register for the iPhone Spy

Basically, before you can start using XNSPY software on either jailbroken or non-jailbroken devices, you should register for it first. Well, you can select between a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription package to register for it.

The package prices are very affordable, and fortunately, they have a money-back policy, but for that, specific conditions apply. As soon as you subscribe, you will receive a download link and activation code in your email to use on the target’s iPhone.

Easy Steps to install Xnspy on an iPhone

Well, installing the iPhone spy app for monitoring jailbroken iPhones just takes about three to four minutes. Well, this is a one-time thing. So, take all the steps very carefully. Here is how to do so

  • First of all, you have to go to the browser on your iPhone.
  • After that, you have to open the download link given in the email you received while subscribing.
  • Now, you have to follow the installation instructions that pop up on your iPhone’s screen.
  • Well, when it starts prompting for the activationcode, simply enter that code into the empty box.
  • Finally, you have completed the installation process.

Easy Steps for Installation on a Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Remember that you don’t have to download and install the spy app on a non-jailbroken device. You just have to get access to the target person’s iCloud credentials.

After getting the target’s iCloudcredentials, you will have access to all the activities (whether they are about messages, calls, contacts, social media activities, and much more) that are happening on the target iPhone from the control panel.

Well, here’s all you can do remotely.

View all SMS, iMessage, and IM chats

You can monitor the messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, Line, and Facebook Messenger on your target phone after installing this software.

View all call logs

With this monitoring software, you can also see records of all outgoing and incoming calls to the target device. You can also see the timestamps of calls. You can also listen to the recorded calls.

View photos and videos

 This monitoring app also allows you to see all photos and videos on the target device.


You can also get access to the Gmail of your target phone and see all the details of outgoing and incoming emails.

GPS locations visited by the target iPhone

This software also tells you the GPS location of the target iPhone at any time. Well, this feature also informs you where the target person was at the time.

Geo-fencing feature

Well, this app also informs you whenever the target person enters or leaves watch-listed locations.

Record ambient sounds

you can also record sounds in the surroundings of the iPhone, even the conversations of people.

Lock device

 This software also allows you to lock the device remotely.

Wipe off data

 Well, if you want to wipe off all data, you can do it.


Well, if you want to install the XNSPY app on your iPhone, you can do it by following the above-mentioned easy steps. By following these two different methods, you can install XNSPY and use this amazing app.

So that’s all you need to know about how to install Xnspy on an iPhone. We hope this article will help you a lot in this case!

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