How to connect HD audio to the motherboard?

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If you are wondering to know that how you can connect HD audio to the motherboard, so you can see the audio header of the motherboard, which is placed here so that it can provide the front panel sound. As we all know, the motherboard is a kind of PC hardware that can be found in different shapes and sizes. The motherboard also has plenty of connectors and mounting holes also inside it. There is also a specification for audio circuits. 

For kind, your information the jack is connected to the motherboard’s 9-pin HD audio header panel where you plug the cable of speakers or microphones that provides the sound. You can use HD audio on the orange port, and USB 2.0 on the yellow ones.

We have covered all the basic information so, keep reading for more interesting information about the HD audio on your motherboard, what is HD audio? How you can connect the HD audio to your motherboard?

What is the HD audio connector on the motherboard?

HD audio stands for high-definition audio. Basically, the HD connector is the front panel audio header on the Intel desktop board that helps to connect the front panel audio module in the system chassis. HD audio is a specification for audio and modem circuits on the motherboard of your PC.

HD audio was launched in 2004 by the brand amazingly provides eight channels 7.1 of 8-32 bits, 6-192 kHz audio sound.

HD audio allows for speakers or microphones at the same port with multiple listening zones. You just need to connect the cable of the front audio panel from your pc to the motherboard, in this way they can be used.

What is an HD audio port?

HD audio ports help to connect the sound system of your computer with the speakers, headphones, microphones, and also other audio devices. The motherboard of your computer has some basic audio ports that help to connect stereo speakers and the microphone.

If we talk about these basic audio ports so, the pink port is the microphone input, and it may mono, the light blue port is the line input port and it can be stereo. The green port is the outpost of headsets, and it can be also stereo. But if you want to confirm about these ports then you can check the manual of your computer.

Is it necessary to plug in HD audio to the motherboard?

The high-definition audio only has the functions of HD audio out of the front headset and MIC jack on your computer. It is a fact that the connector may be an HD audio version or maybe a non- HD audio version. Any kind of from these versions can only affect the front jacks.

The HD audio connector has the maximum audio capability of the computer, it will connect an HD audio component. If you try to join an HD audio module to the audio connector then you need to set the BIOS to AC’27.

You can do it by locating the audio front panel connectors on the motherboard. Now plug it into the board carefully, one thing you should be kept in your mind is that the front panel must be connected to the hardware of your pc.

How can you connect the external speakers to the PC?

The latest computer version comes with built-in speakers, but you need to improve the sound with higher- quality with the external speakers. So you should plug the speakers into your PC. First of all, find the sound card jack on your PC. Now you need to plug the wire of the speaker into the green “Line-out” jack panel of a desktop of your PC. Now you need to plug the power cord from the speakers into the electric socket and now turn the speakers on.

How can you connect the internal speakers to the PC?

There are three ways to connect the internal speakers to your motherboard.

  1. You need to find the beep code speaker connectors on your motherboard.
  2. You can note the polarity.
  3.  You can also align the positive terminal of the speaker with the speaker plus pin on the motherboard.

How can you connect the audio wires to the PC?

You can connect the audio cable by following this guide.  The most computer has internal speakers, these are so small. So you will like to connect external speakers, the easy way to connect the cables of the audio output to your computer is that you can use the “line” output of the sound card on your PC. You should use the stereo of 3.5mm mini plug to dual RCA cable because the long length of the cable can affect the sound quality.

 If you intend to record the music, then you should connect the stereo receiver to your pc to record the sound to your PC’s hard drives. You need to connect the audio input to your pc to the audio output of the stereo receiver.

Wrapping Up

Our article covered a wide range of topics relevant to HD audio. The motherboard of your PC can support the HD audio sound. The pin header is labeled on your motherboard for the analog audio front cable.  You can connect the external audio device for more high-quality sound. Just connect the HD audio cable to the front audio jack connectors from the PC case. Then you can easily plug or connect the speakers, headsets, and another audio device for this purpose. We hope so, our article will help you a lot.

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