How to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone?

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Are you wondering how to connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone?  Connecting a Sony speaker to an iPhone means establishing an easy wireless or wired connection between these two devices.

After making a connection between them the audio from the iPhone might be played via the Sony speaker. If you are wondering to know how to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone then you just came to the right post because here you will find a perfect solution. So, let’s get started for further detail!

What is a Sony speaker?

A Sony speaker is just like an audio output device which is manufactured by Sony Corporation. These amazing speakers are designed in different types, such as portable Bluetooth speakers, home audio systems, sound bars, and much more. Well, the Sony speaker is designed to enhance the audio experience.

How to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone then you have to follow all the below-mentioned steps carefully.

You can do it through two ways wired and wireless. We are going to mention both ways. Well, here is how to do so

Method 1: Bluetooth/Wireless Connection

  • First of all, you have to Press the power button to turn on the speaker.
  • After that, you have to Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker. But keep in mind that don’t release the button until you notice the Bluetooth indicator starts flashing. Flashing indicates that your speaker is in pairing mode.
  • Now, you have to Open Bluetooth Settings on iPhone on your iPhone
  • After that, simply turn on your Bluetooth.
  • After a while, you will see a list of devices, so you have to find your Sony speaker and choose it from the list. Well, it could be listed by the model number like the Sony SRS-XB12.
  • Once selected, your iPhone will try to pair with the Sony speaker. so You have to confirm the pairing request.
  • Once connected, the Bluetooth indicator on the speaker will stay solid.
  • Well-done! You have finally connected your Sony speaker with an iPhone via Bluetooth option.

Method 2: Wired Connection

  • First of all, you have to Turn on the Sony Speaker by Pressing the power button on the speaker.
  • After that, you have to plug one end of the AUX cable into the headphone jack on your iPhone.
  • Next, simply Plug the other end into the AUX input on your Sony speaker.
  • Now, you can choose the AUX input mode on your Sony speaker with the mode or input button if needed.
  • You have to make a perfect connection between these devices.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you face any issues to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone, then it is a better idea to follow these below-mentioned troubleshooting tips:

Ensure Bluetooth is Enabled: You have to Make sure that the feature of Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. If not, then you have to turn it on first by Going to Settings. In settings choose the Bluetooth option and toggle it on.

Power On the Speaker: You should also make sure that the Sony speaker is powered on and in pairing mode. You can also get guidelines from the speaker’s manual for instructions on entering pairing mode. however, you can do it by holding down a Bluetooth button.

Check Battery Levels: you should also check out the level of both devices. must ensure that both have sufficient battery levels because Low battery may sometimes cause connectivity problems.

Forget the device and Re-Pair: If your speaker has been connected before but is not connecting at this time then you can try forgetting the device in your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and then attempt to re-pairing it. Well, here is how to do so

  • First of all, you have to Go to Settings and click on the option of Bluetooth.
  • Next, you have to Find the Sony speaker in the list of devices.
  • -Simply tap the i icon which might be located next to the speaker’s name and choose the option of Forget This Device.
  • Finally, you can Try pairing the speaker again.

Proximity: you should also ensure the speaker and the iPhone are close to each other because long distances can also be the main reason behind the issue. ideally, the distance should be within a few feet, as Bluetooth range can be limited.

Interference: if there is any kind of interface like heavy substances then don’t pairing issue might happen. So, make sure ifere are no other Bluetooth devices.

Restart Devices: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve the issue. You can also try this simple tip. It is a better idea to restart both the iPhone and the speaker so that it can resolve connectivity issues.

Software Updates: An outdated version can also be the main reason behind the issue. Make sure both your iPhone and the Sony speaker have the latest firmware updates installed. For it, you can Check the manufacturer’s official website or the speaker’s app for firmware updates.

Reset Speaker: If your speaker has a reset option, then you can try resetting it to factory settings.

This may also resolve problems caused by corrupted settings.

Consult the Manual: You can also consult the manual to resolve the issue.

Well, if these above-mentioned tips do not work then you can contact the Sony support team.


 if you want to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone. Then you can follow the above-mentioned process carefully, if you face any issues then you can try troubleshooting tips. So that’s all you need to know How to Connect a Sony Speaker to an iPhone. We hope this article will help you a lot!

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