gson maven

gson maven

gson maven is a Java library that can be utilized to change over Java Objects into their JSON presentation. It can likewise be utilized to change over a JSON string to a proportionate Java object. Gson can work with discretionary Java objects including previous items that you don’t have source-code of.

There are a couple of open-source projects that can change over Java items to JSON. Notwithstanding, the vast majority of them necessitate that you place Java explanations in your classes; something that you can not do on the off chance that you don’t approach the source code. Most additionally don’t completely bolster the utilization of Java Generics. Gson considers both of these as significant plan objectives.

Installation gson maven

 Install Gson with Maven

Download the latest Gson version or required version in Maven Central by adding the following dependency:


install Gson with Gradle/Android

include gson maven in the application or android project by adding the following dependency:

dependencies {
    compile group: '', name: 'gson', version: '2.8.5'

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