Everything You Need to Know About VMware Certification

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Certifications are the gateway to new and diverse opportunities. They provide you with the luxury of availing yourself of all the benefits from various courses, including ample access to knowledge in a particular field or tech. 

Since nearly everything is technical in the technological field, these certification courses can bridge the gap and enable a candidate to become competent in using this particular tool/technology. Courses like VMware certification help you achieve the same. 

The demand for IT professionals in the market is evergreen. With the expertise of working in the virtual environment becoming even more prominent, it will continue to escalate even more. Along with this, virtualization skills are in great demand.

Requirement of the Certifications

As the world is rapidly moving towards becoming digital, virtualization is fast becoming a primary part. As a result, companies that require, as well as provide these skills, are in demand. These initiatives are directed towards migrating the IT resources to virtual environments by reducing the equipment and infrastructural cost. 

Hence, to take advantage of increased efficiency and availability in the networking market and harness the art of cloud computing, storage, management, and virtualization, certification and training courses like VMware certification and VMware training are essential. In addition, the purpose is to disseminate the understanding of the software to everyone.

A Brief Idea About VMware 

VMware is an American cloud computing company. It is a pioneer and leading provider of virtualization tools to organizations worldwide. In addition, Dell Technologies owns VMware. 

VMware deals with technological products such as Desktop software, Server software, Cloud management, storage, security, virtual infrastructure extension, etc. Apart from dealing with products, they also offer different certifications in various disciplines.

All about the VMware Certifications 

VMware Company offers curated certification programs for professionals. These programs exist for every career level. 

These certifications validate the skills and knowledge needed to effectively install, deploy, manage and support all technical products and solutions. Thus, the enterprise keeps up the pace by innovating in this ever-changing world. They innovate by rolling up new certifications and modernizing their process to educate practitioners.

VMware currently offers certifications in 21 different fields.

The certification is in a series of levels. The eligibility criteria for each stage is different. There are overall 4 -levels in VMware certifications.

  • VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA): VCTA is an entry-level certificate. It is for the emerging newcomers in the world of the virtual environment. VMware Certified Associate helps them to advance in their careers.
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP): VCP certifications deal with the installation, configuration, management, and optimization of VMware products. The VMware VCP is specific for IT professionals desiring to upgrade their digital knowledge. There is also a VMware NSX Certificate under VCP, which checks the knowledge related to the installation, configuration, and administration of the NSX virtual environment. It is one of the popular technologies of the current times. 
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP): VCAP certification is the advanced level of certification. It is best for those who build, manage and optimize VMware solutions. In addition, this certification adds value to the career of system administrators, architects, and engineers.
  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX): VCDX is the highest level of certification. It includes the professionals who play a vital role in designing, building, and optimizing VMware products. It is best for digital architects.

Qualifying VMware Certifications

Every certification needs the VMware foundational exam to get professionally certified. The pattern and syllabus of each exam are different. Besides this, it also requires hands-on experience and, at times, training attendance for acquiring certifications. It is mandatory to ensure that the professionals have a better understanding of the topics. Thus, they will be able to tackle the questions better in the exam. 

So basically, it depends on the person’s understanding of the concepts, prior experience, and preparations to qualify for this exam.

Benefits of These Certifications 

With constant changes and updates in technologies, demand for certification programs has increased. It prepares the candidates not only theoretically but also practically for relevant work challenges.

Owning a certificate is a process of constant increment in the concepts and knowledge of the tech. The key benefits of the VMware certification include: 

  • It opens the door for better opportunities at top companies, including promotion, pay hikes, job portability, etc.
  • It helps to identify a candidate’s professional ability as compared to others.
  • It helps to display professional skills, credibility, and confidence.
  • The certification also helps to reboot past knowledge with an updated version of it.

How Much Does it Cost?

The costs differ with every certificate and level of certification.

The entry-level exam VCTA consists of an online exam that costs $125. The VCP consists of a training section and two exams that cost $250 each. 

The VCAP consists of a single exam that costs $450. The final level of certification VCDX costs $4000. There are only 4000 certified professionals in the world.

The Expiry Date of These Certifications 

The simple way to answer this is that the VMware certificates do not expire. There is also an option to recertify anytime, depending upon the certification you have selected. 


VMware certifications serve to certify individuals as approved practitioners of their technologies. These certifications add substance to one’s resume and career. 

It is an accessible and profitable way to upgrade oneself with the most popular skills of choice, according to one’s requirement or market demands.

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