3 Best Soccer Video Editing Software To Highlight All The Details Of Your Match

You are currently viewing 3 Best Soccer Video Editing Software To Highlight All The Details Of Your Match

Video editing software is an advantageous tool for sports coaches. In soccer, the best soccer video editing software boasts exceptional video capabilities and will help users to watch match videos more efficiently.

For example, games are often indexed and quickly retrieved for viewing in playlists or creating featured videos. It is also possible to generate personalized reports from the videos to disseminate the trends of the game.

Top 3 soccer video editing tools

FlexClip (great video editor)

As one of the most easy to use soccer video editing programs, FlexClip  offers professional quality soccer videos and works well for beginners.

The massive collection of ready-to-use templates comes complete with transitions, animations, effects, and phenomenal music. The video product uses a drag and drop action and is super easy.

Plus, it accommodates any customization imaginable, and more importantly, it supports most of the latest online video formats. That’s not all: FlexClip is one of the few software that based on a web browser which means users don’t need to download any software.

Those who look to deliver sophisticated video get an added creative spark from the library of themed animated titles, third-party cinematic tones, and frame-by-frame motion tracking.

Users have the opportunity to export the final product in their favorite format and share clips on social media. One can try the free version of FlexClip on their official site or opt for the advanced subscription option starting at just $ 9.99 / m.


Due to its winning flexibility, VidSwap has gradually become the favorite of many coaches and players. The online platform is quite fast and breaks down uploaded games within 6-12 hours so that users can start planning the next match as soon as possible.

Plus, it captures all the essentials, including highlights, gameplay situations, and individual players. The biggest novelty is that the program’s intuitive interfaces make the entire process of capturing and editing recorded video a lot of fun.

In fact, the high-flying cloud software matches almost all the conventions used in classic sports football video broadcasts, making it one of the best in the industry.

Users have the option of assigning the file to their own playlist for detailed review later or sharing the finished file directly with other players or coaches. The trial version lasts 14 days, while the subscription starts at $ 50 per game.


Lightworks’ robust video editor has always been in the running when any discussion comes up about football video editing. The software is a sure winner and supports even the most demanding creations thanks to its embarrassing wealth of features.

For example, multiple videos can be uploaded and its magic worked to produce exciting videos about the best goals, the most exciting moments and the salutes that make your mouth water.

The best part:

Its interface is straightforward and the steps are straightforward, so it doesn’t take a long time for the football editions to be perfect.

It is a complete editing package and supports numerous multi-frame formats so that users can open the videos even from their phones.

Surprisingly, it is free for life, although there is the option to upgrade to the professional version to access the latest features.

FAQ’s Best Soccer video Editing Software

How Football Video Editing Software Works?

Using a plethora of built-in tools, soccer video editing software enhances recorded video clips by dissecting them into desired ‘parts’.
For example, the user can highlight players, incidents, selected actions, or any other detail of the match as tailored and even view it in slow motion.
Coaches can share these “clippings” with players when they practice for upcoming matches and/or help them improve their individual performance.

So what is the Best Soccer Video Editing Software?

There are a myriad of programs in this space, most of which have a rich collection of impressive features. Here is a brief summary of some of these useful programs.

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