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The Sennheiser Game One gaming headset is truly meant for hardcore gaming. German-engineered high-quality audio and superior noise-canceling microphone deliver excellent hi-fi performance which let you concentrate on the game itself, not the annoying headset you are using.

Sennheiser Game One’s ergonomic design allows you to enjoy your gaming experience without straining your neck or head. The headset comes with detachable earbuds, as well as headset cables to allow you to connect the headset to any stereo, surround sound system, laptop or PC.

With its innovative dual-layer technology, Sennheiser Game One ensures that it’s audio and microphone provide high clarity and excellent sound reproduction.

The huge advantage of this headset is its built-in-line microphone. As you listen to a certain song, your voice is captured via the microphone on the headset and sent to the computer for processing. The processed voice can then be played back through the speakers of the game system.

This feature allows you to customize the sound that you want to hear, depending on how you want to hear it. It also enables you to adjust the volume, adjust your microphone sensitivity or mute the microphone, without taking off your headphones.

The other feature of Sennheiser Game One, which lets you get the most out of your gaming experience is its advanced noise cancellation technology. The headset works as a virtual surround sound amplifier.

This means that it will boost up the volume levels of all the sounds coming from the game system and surround sound speakers, and provide clear and crisp audio playback.

Sennheiser Game One

Sennheiser GAME ONE

Sennheiser Game One has also gone to the extent of developing a separate headset cable for each of the two microphones. This way, when you have different audio inputs, you will not have to switch between headsets while still listening to the same audio source. {i.e. The headset also provides a one-touch easy plug in, which makes connecting the headset with the computer a breeze. and ensures no hassle to adjust volume levels.

The headset is available in three different sizes to suit varying ears. The Sennheiser has worked to provide a comfortable fit as well, with a headband design that allows for a snug fit while playing the games. This ensures that no parts of your head will rub against the headset while you are playing the games. The ear cups are also removable so you can use the ear pads for other purposes.

The standard ear bud size is ear-pads 2.4 inches, and this size fits most of the standard sized ears. However, if you happen to have larger or smaller ears, you can opt for the other sizes to ensure that you get the best quality sound.

You can also choose between a wired and wireless connection, and both are very functional. However, the wireless connection provides a little bit better quality and features. It also allows you to take the headset anywhere since there are no wires hanging all over the place. Although it does not come with a rechargeable battery, you can get a separate cord for it in order to save money.

The electronic gadget is very easy to use. All you need to do is to strap the headset on and then connect the USB cable to the device, and then plug in your ear buds. and start using the headphones. Once you are done, you will be able to enjoy great sound and clear audio.

The Sennheiser GAME ONE is perfect for gamers who need to have the best sound without the hassle of wires. and cables. You can go about your business in peace knowing that the Epos is always ready to listen to you with clarity, and quality.

The Sennheiser GAME ONE comes with five different levels of bass, allowing you to enjoy the game with a high-quality and crisp sound at any setting. If you want to crank up the bass level, you can simply switch on the ‘deep’ level. In fact, you can even adjust the bass level according to your preference. In addition, you can adjust the high, mid, and low level to suit your personal requirements.

Sennheiser promises that you can experience ultimate comfort when using the Sennheiser GAME ONE, with its padded ear cushions. It is also designed with a remote control, with buttons and controls placed at the center of the right ear cups. The remote can also act as a headphone jack for those headphones that do not have them.

Sennheiser Game One

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